Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Laptop From Water Damage

There are many things you can do to waterproof your laptop and keep it from getting damaged. You can get a Neoprene laptop sleeve or waterproof laptop case, create your own waterproof laptop sleeve with a few Tyvek envelopes, get a keyboard cover to protect your laptop from spills, use accessories like skins and screen protectors.

Because of the money you have invested purchasing one and also because of the files stored on it, your laptop is worth protecting. You need to protect your equipment from rain, spills, and drizzles while traveling or when traveling or participating in outdoor activities, like fishing or hanging out at the beach. Here are a few tips to help you keep your laptop safe from water damage:

Go buy a waterproof case for your laptop

When strolling, traveling, or hiking, keep your laptop safe from rain and drizzles by using a waterproof case. You can find a number of models with a wide assortment of features, sizes and specifications a t any specialty shop, and odds are that they will fit whatever your budget happens to be. Laptop waterproof cases are perfect for use by the military.

A neoprene sleeve can provide protection for your laptop

Neoprene is a soft, flexible, durable, water-resistant material used to make wetsuits and now as laptop sleeves to protect your computer from getting wet and scratched. You can purchase one from retail and computer stores to suit your needs and preferences. Fashion a cool laptop case out of your old wetsuit. All that is required is basic sewing skills and accurate measurements. A laptop sleeve will be most effective if it fits snugly.

It's possible to use a Tyvek envelope to make a waterproof sleeve for your laptop

A truly resourceful way to make your own waterproof laptop sleeve is to get your hands on some Tyvek envelopes--the same ones used by couriers. If your laptop is larger, you may have to use more waterproof and durable envelopes.

Use a cover over the keyboard to safeguard against spills

As accidents happen, it is a good idea to protect your computer by purchasing a keyboar d cover to protect the machine. Accidental spill keyboard covers come in two materials: silicone or plastic. For maximum benefit, ensure that the cover fits your keyboard perfectly.

Use accessories like skins and screen protectors to prevent water seepage

Other ways to protect your laptop from drizzles and spills include using screen protectors and laptop skins to prevent water seepage. Screen protectors allow you to avoid light reflection on your screen and the damage caused by it. To help protect your laptop from water and foreign objects, laptop skins are used to cover both top and bottom of your laptop. Make sure you do not plug up the ventilation ports on the bottom of your computer.

A smart tip is to always find accessories that fit your laptop to waterproof it well. You can also avoid further damages by keeping all liquids, including drinks, from your computer and putting them on a different table. It is a priority to waterproof your laptop if you do not want it to get unexpectedly ruined by the elements. The person sitting beside you on a plan might accidentally spill a drink and a sunny day can turn into a rainy day without notice. Wherever you go, make sure you waterproof your laptop to avoid damaging it and losing your important files.



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