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34...35...36 weeks... Well, that's the total number of weeks my baby is in me before he decides to pop out earlier. Welcome to this world, my little darling baby. Once the gynaecologist told me of your existence, mommy has been looking out for good baby stuff especially for you. There is so much stuff you need, where and how should I commence?

Prepare a list of baby stuff! Then I can monitor and keep track of the baby stuff easily. For first time moms like me, a list can help me stay organised as everything is new and there is a zillion tons of baby stuff to get ready. I am happy that I can collate this baby stuff list after asking for my good friend's help. Hopefully this list of baby stuff will be valuable for moms-to-be.

Checklist of Baby Stuff to Buy [ For first-time moms ]

Stuff for Baby's Room

Baby Cot

Mattress (3" or 4")



Pillow/bolster case

Bedding set (2-3 sets)

Mattress protector

Cupboard/Chest of Drawers

Changing table (optional)

Musical mobiles (optional)

Head support (optional)

Baby's Clothing


Face towels ( Extra soft )

Pilchers (pants worn over nappies)

Bibs (3-5 pieces)

Long pants (4-6 pieces)

Rompers (4-6 pieces)

Short sleeve shirt (4-6 pieces)

Shorts (4-6 pieces)

Baby cap (2-3 pieces)

Handkerchiefs (8-10 pieces)



Long sleeve shirts

Sleeveless shirts

Receiving blanket

Nappy liners

Flannel cloth/diapers cloth (to swaddle baby)

Stuff for Baby's Bath

Large Bath towel

Baby wipes

Bath tub

Anti-slip mat

Baby changing mat

Baby soap/bath gel

Baby shampoo

Baby oil

Anti-nappy rash cream (Desitin Creamy)

Cotton buds

Cotton balls (sterile ones for cleaning baby's eyes)

Cotton balls (normal ones for wiping baby's bums)

Bath thermometer (optional)

Bath sponge (optional, small cotton handkerchief would suffice)

Stuff for the Care of Baby's Umbilical Cord Stump

Sterile cotton swabs

Sterile swab applicators

Cord spirit

Sterile container for cord spirit

Laundry Stuff

Basket for baby laundry

Buckets with lids

Baby clothes detergent/softener

Multi-Clothes hanger for drying mittens/booties/handkerchiefs

Stuff for Feeding Baby

Milk bottles (Buy BPA-Free bottles only. This is to prevent chemical leakage which can get into your baby's body.)

Bottle teats

Bottle scrub brush

Milk containers

Warmer cum carrier bag

Bags/milk bottles to store expressed breastmilk

Large pan/pot (for sterilising)

Tongs (to handle hot bottles)

Electric Steam Steriliser

Electrical Hot Flask (auto boil) for quick access to boiling water for making formula milk (optional)

Miscellaneous Baby Stuff

Safety pins

Nail clippers

Thermometer (to use when baby is unwell)

Thermometer (Check room temperature)

Zip lock bags for checkups and outings

Sterile thermoplastic tray with swabs & swab sticks

Polythene bag for soiled diapers

Dish/ container (to wash baby's face)

Woodward's Gripe Water

Pacifiers (optional)

Baby Accessories


Baby carrier/ Baby sling

Car seat


Rubber protectors for bedroom doors




Stair/door gates (If you want to separate your baby & pets)

Baby Toys & Play Stuff

Baby gym



Stuff for Mommy Care

Maternity Dress/top/bottom

Pyjamas with front opening for breastfeeding

Breast pump

Anti Stretch mark creams

Nursing bras

Maternity bras

Nipple cream for crack nipples

Nursing pads

Disposable panties

Cotton panties (larger size when reach later stage of pregnancy)

Maternity sanitary pads

Panty liners

Bedroom slippers

Painkillers (with doctor's prescription only)

Stuff for Mommy Nursing Needs

Nursing Bibs

Steam Sterilization Set with tong

Cooler Bag

Breast pump

Oh my!...the list of baby stuff is so lengthy, please feel free to inform me if I have missed out on any essential stuff. As there is a large number of baby stuff to buy, I think it is good to start shopping during the second trimester, maybe around the fifth month of pregnancy. This is so called the honeymoon period of the pregnancy journey. Thus, if you are in your second trimester, it is time to put on your shopping shoes to get those really good bargains for those baby stuff you've intended to buy.

Cost savings will be very effective by waiting for annual sales and baby fairs. You can get good discounts when buying big ticket baby stuff like stroller, breast pump, steam sterilizer, car seat and a good baby latex mattress which provides good ventilation and doesn't leave compressed marks when your baby gets heavier.

Even smaller baby items can amount to quite a considerable sum too. That is why it is advisable to plan your purchase of all those baby stuff carefully. Due to wear and tear, baby bottles and teats have to be changed every three to six months. The expenses of buying disposable nappies can be high especially during the early few months of a baby. A breastfed baby can have up to 7-8 soiled nappies in a day. That would means changing up to two hundred nappies in a month! You can consider using re-usable nappies to save money and protect the environment simultaneously.

In addition, there is another baby stuff which I avoid using is the disposable baby wipes. In this way, my baby's skin will not be exposed to unnecessary chemicals from the baby wipes. I choose to use the most natural way to wash my baby's soiled bums. All I need is a bottle ( shaped like a sprinkler ) filled with water. I will spray water on my baby's buttocks (placed the soiled diapers underneath to absorb the water) to wash off the stools. Then, I will use a few cotton balls or tissue paper to wipe my baby's bums dry. However, I will still use the baby wipes when I'm outside and cannot have access to any clean water.

I consider the best way to clean my baby's soft and delicate skin is to use as little chemical agents as possible. Our baby skin has a protective layer, using excessive amount of chemicals will erode this vital protective layer. By adopting this chemical-free approach, I will try to use all those good baby stuff which will bring benefits to my baby in the long run. I'm sure you will do that too as all mothers will only want the best for their precious baby.

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