Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rubik's 360 Will drive you mad (in a good way!). - Sports

When first released in July of 2009, the Rubik's 360 puzzle game was practically sold out in the very first week. Now with Christmas approaching, the Rubik's 360 is anticipated to be a top selling Christmas toy.

The original Rubik's Cube was a 3 x 3 x 3 cube with six colours (one for each of the six faces) and the aim is to make each of the sides all the same colour. Frustrating yet addicting, the Cube became an international success and prompted the creation of Rubik's Cube clubs and competitions throughout the world. There have even been Cube competitions requiring the challengers to solve the puzzle while looking in a mirror, while blindfolded and while totally drunk.

Throughout the years, different variations and copies of the popular and fun Rubik's Cube puzzle game were introduced, including the Junior (2 x 2), Revolution,Sudoku Puzzle, USB stick, Brain Racket, Touch, 4 x 4 Cube Hex and 5 x 5 Cube Hex. There are even computer adaptations of the original Cube puzzle game.

In July of 2009 a totally new and different puzzle game was released, called the Rubik's 360. The puzzle is a transparent 3D round shpere measuring 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm and consists of 6 small coloured balls inside 3 interlocking spheres.

The goal of the Rubik's 360 puzzle game is to get 6 coloured balls through the two innermost spheres into 6 colour coded separate compartments on the outermost sphere where they become locked in place. When all 6 coloured balls are locked into the correctly coloured compartments, the game is solved!

Gravity and centrifugal force are involved so that unlike the original Cube puzzle game, the Rubik's 360 requires skill and manual dexterity in addition to logic. Another big difference between the original Cube puzzle game and the 360 puzzle game is that for the original Cube there are many solutions to the puzzle. However, the Rubik's 360 puzzle game has only one solution.

The original Rubik's Cube, like it's predecessor. the Rubik's 360 puzzle game now has an international following with the very first world-class competition held in October of 2009. Up to this point the fastest solving time for the Rubik's 360 is 38.sixty six seconds, by Martin Sylvestri from Switzerland.

The frustrating yet fun Rubik's 360 puzzle game is already a best selling toy with sales expected to rise even more in the couple of months before Christmas.

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