Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tennis Ball Machine - Sports - Tennis

Are you a beginner trying to learn the ropes of tennis, or a tennis veteran trying to improve your game? If so, then maybe you could improve with the aid of a tennis ball machine. A tennis ball machine is a device is set up on the opposing court and acts as a server, serving tennis balls for you to return. Tennis ball machines can vary price based on a number of different factors such as size, speeds, ball capacity, oscillation and many other features.

When looking at a tennis ball machine, the first thing that comes to mind is, "Wow, those things look way to expensive for me." The truth is that a lot of tennis ball machines can be purchased on a budget of less that $500.00. If you have a budget significantly higher than $500.00, then there are more advanced machines that can be purchased, some running between $10,000 and $20,000. However, some of the more expensive machines are entirely unnecessary for individual use; depending on your budget, you should look for a tennis ball machine that fits your needs but does not exceed them with all sorts of unnecessary features.

There are so many different features that are associated with tennis ball machines, varying depending on how nice the tennis ball machine is. One feature is adjustable speed settings, typically meaning that you can adjust the tennis ball machine to serve as slow as 15 miles per hour to as high as 95 miles per hour. Some tennis ball machines boast an oscillation feature which means that you can set the machine to serve each ball at a different location each time. Some machines also allow you to set different heights and change the serving intervals, while some have long lasting battery life and can even are remote controlled depending on what you get.

If you are a beginner at tennis, then you should set the machine up to serve the ball in one location because you may not be apt to handle running around and returning the ball. You may also want to set the machine to serve the balls at a slow to moderate speed, because if you are not ready for a 95 mile per hour serve then the machine could become dangerous, so try slower speeds before you advance to higher speeds. If you are already pretty good at tennis, then having the ball served in different locations and at different angles may prove to be an advantage; you may also be able to handle a faster serve. It all really just depends on you and what you can handle; you just need to know what your limits are.

A tennis ball machine can help you learn the game of tennis or help you improve your game, regardless of the reason; a tennis ball machine is always a great investment if you can afford it. Some tennis ball machines can hold a large amount of tennis balls, which can prove rather expensive when you have to buy the tennis balls; so try and see of you can make a deal with the person selling you the tennis ball machine to see if he or she will throw in the tennis balls. Now get out on the court and play a round.

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