Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Did you use Bridgestone golf balls?If so, how can you weigh against these balls from other golf ball brands? When it comes to sports, Bridgestone is popular and it did not become so, for no apparent reason, thus why is the company well known?Because Bridgestone is popular due to its diversities of balls that are developed that suits all golfers, it provide with unmatched accuracy in their game that are known by lots of golfers.Bridgestone Golf Balls have three popular golf ball models they are proud of offering to golfers and these have remarkable features that perhaps the main reason they are not left behind by other brands.Hereunder are the list of Bridgestones famous models of balls for golf and their amazing features. 1. The Bridgestone E5. It has a twofold dimple technology that provides technological benefits. It is just Bridgestone which has a 2-piece golf ball with a urethane cover sold in the market. It provides the command of a large core with tour proven uretha ne contro. It provides shot determining control. Bridgestone offers outstanding spin performance. It has a soft, responsive feel. Bridgestone contain a big gradational compression core. Brigestone contains 330 seamless dimple design. It provides distance and control. It produces a maximum trajectory height that is good for players seeking for longer carry distance off the tee.2. The Bridgestone E6 It includes a 3-piece design. It has a pliable gradational compression core. Bridgestone E6 includes an Anti Side-Spin Inner Layer bridgestone E6 includes supple Surlyn cover. It has a 330 Seamless Dimple Design It is the softest multi layer golf ball on hand. It is created to get rid of excess spin. It is paramount for a straighter and longer path. Bridgestone E6 delivers high pliability and low compression It performs well on drives. It is incredibly receptive Bridgestone E6 is intended for players searching for a straighter ball trajectory. It is designed for players seeking lo nger carry distance and roll.3. The Bridgestone Tour B330 Bridgestone Tour B330 includes a brand new double mantle 4 piece building technology. It tapers spin It gives smoother energy conversion. It delivers more distance off the tee. It performs better even in windy days. It gives ball flight a more piercing trajectory. It presents a slightly softer core. It has a characteristic of an superficial mantle for high repulsion and workability. Bridgestone tour B330 contains an outer mantle for high repulsion and workability. It delivers superior aerodynamics. Bridgestone Tour B330 is ideal for golfers that wants a little firmer feel. Bringing to an end is easy with Bridgestone 330 even on tough greens. It is tougher to scratch Bridgestone Tour B330 is excellent for higher handicappers and slower swing speed golfers.To sum up all, Bridgestone golf balls are designed and created to better performance with its minimum spinning moves, quicker overhauling, maximum distance and many m ore that is why the Bridgestone name is also famous and looked for by golfers. And because they have various balls made, you can surely find what you are looking for in golf ball that you require. To enjoy the features of Bridgestone golf Balls, you can purchase the brand within your means at /branddetail/Bridgestone-Golf-Balls/.



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All Bridgestone balls, is softest in the middle and gets gradually firmer as it goes outward, toward the edges. The core is then encased in two mantles, and finally enclosed with a Urethane cover. Thanks for sharing it...
Bridgestone Golf Balls

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