Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reduce Stress with Stress Balls - Self Help - Stress Management

First of all it is good to know that Stress is almost all the generations and work groups that exist are constantly faced with stress. There are many ways of reducing stress and many useful techniques that we can apply to combat stress but only some of the techniques are available to most of us. Probably not all of us have money to afford expensive stress specialist or to visit long-term stress management programs and seminars, that is why it is good to know some more accessible but still quite successful stress management techniques.

Stress can also be reduced with recreation, something that most of us is hopefully capable of, we can also play wide variety of existing stress relief games or simply squeeze good old stress relief balls.Lets put aside stress relief games and recreation so we can concentrate on stress relief balls but first let me explain quickly What stress actually is?

Stress is the response of our system to any strong signal or compulsion from outside. Most of us are faced with stress but some of us get affected more seriously than others. Everyone should know that when stress crosses the tolerance line, it may severely destroy everything about you, from physical health to mental health, peaceful relationships and a meaningful life. Now lets return to stress balls and consider how they help us reduce stress

Reducing stress is quite easy we just have to distract our mind and stop thinking of the problem or the situation that makes us stressed. When we do something else our mind can rest and the pressure decreases which results in stress relief. So that means that when we grab stress relief ball and hold it, squeeze it, throw it or just play with it we reduce stress because we are distracted from our problems.When the stress ball is pressed, the mental concentration moves to the pressure exerted on the ball. By means of research, it has been proven that the energy that is generated due to the stress is exerted while the balls are pressed. This release of energy makes the mind shift to normal mode and it stabilizes by itself. Appart from that, by pressing them we improve our blood circulation and ensure the supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body.We should also consider various acupunctural effects of stress balls. When they are being squeezed by the fingers and palm, t he acupuncture spots in the body get revitalized. The nerves get stimulated and carry all kinds of positive messages to the brain which produce the waste amount of endorphins that act in our body as natural calming agents with sedative effects. As we have seen there are many positive effect of stress balls when combating stress. Reducing stress by squeezing them is definitely one of the easiest and fastest stress management techniques. If using stress balls doesn't help you reduce stress you should try some other funny techniques like playing stress relief games or watching funny pictures and movies.



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