Monday, March 12, 2012

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Bridgestone used golf balls have been a popular choice for amateur and professional golf enthusiasts who are seeking bridgestone balls that of reliable in performance, exceptional superior in quality and excellent distance.

So, if you are looking for high quality of balls to play, here are some of the hottest you may want to have.

Bridgestone e5One of the major problems that mid-handicappers experience is the cost of distance, making trajectories that are too low. To address this problem, Bridgestone came up with e5, 2-piece ball containing 432 dimple patterns. What makes this golf ball great is that one of its pieces has a urethane cover which is responsible for the golf ball's increased responsiveness around greens. Moreover, its Large Kinetic Energy Core allows the ball to create a higher initial launch velocity. Combining this with its aerodynamics, you can produce a higher trajectory for greater carry.

Bridgestone e5+ As the company utilizes the advanced polymer engineering, Bridgestone produced another technological innovation for golf lovers. The Bridgestone e5+ large core and improved urethane cover offers superior performance by allowing golfers to have improved tour caliber spin and longer carry distance.

Bridgestone e6 The main feature of Bridgestone e6 is its multilayer system designed to minimize slice or hook spin allowing players to hit the ball straighter and longer. The e6 utilizes the new Dual Dimple Technology. The outer dimple of the golf ball increases roll by promoting a shallow angle of descent while the inside dimple increases thrust power.

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone e6+ This is an improved version of the Bridgestone e6. Its Advanced Low Compression Multilayer construction provides superior performance by producing straighter and more accurate ball flights.

There is no doubt that when you have the right golf balls, you will definitely have a great game. And who says it should be expensive and new? With Bridgestone, not only you have the option to grab high quality of balls, but you can have them at a much cheaper price! What more can you ask for?



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