Thursday, March 8, 2012

Promote your Brand in a Fun Way with Promotional Stress Balls - Shopping - Gifts

Promotional stress balls are one of the most popular promotional products of all time. Available in various shapes colors and designs it helps relieve stress and aid in brand positioning as well.

A promotional stress ball is a flexible toy ball customised as per the client requirement. When squeezed in the hand, manipulated by the fingers, it helps relieve stress and muscle tension of the hand. Stress toys are a staple to relive stress for desk job professionals.

These are available in numerous types, color and material. Mostly they are made up of closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. The manufacturing process of such balls includes injecting foam liquid into the mold of the ball. The resultant chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide bubbles which further creates the foam.

Although, the name signifies a ball shape product (i.e. round product), stress balls are indeed available in various shapes. All promotional stress balls are not circular in shape but are sometimes molded into amusing shapes imprinted with client/company logos. They are considered one of the best promotional gifts by most organisations.

These can be accompanied with other products, such as they can be part of a key-chain. A key-chain serves multiple functions. On one hand they function as stress relievers, as a key-chain and also as a brand promotion and advertising product.

The brand recall and position value is huge collections. It is a small and comparatively inexpensive item but the advantages are manifold. Every time one use that part of the key chain or for just squeezing in hand as stress buster they are reminded of the business/product advertised on the stress ball.

Manufacturers offer number of options. They are customised basis the client requirement with the logo or any message that needs to be communicated to the target audience.

Promotional stress balls are a creative way to spread a word about the company or product and get the world take notice of the brand advertised. They are smart and sensible promotional merchandise investment option for corporate houses and professional individuals and other organisations. With huge range of design options available, can be designed and customised to fit the objective and focus of the organisation/event.

In today's highly competitive and stressed corporate environment, are considered a fun promotional gift item. They are flexible and supple products and fits nicely into the palm. When squeeze d firmly, help relieve stress and are a good exercise for hand and wrist muscles. The usability and functionality of the promotional stress balls increases when it is made part of some other items of use such as key-chains or chimes.



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