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Could Boredom Be Causing Your Cat's Behavior Problems? 10 Quality Play Tips For Your Cat - Family - Pets

Could Boredom Be Causing Your Cat's Behavior Problems? 10 Quality Play Tips For Your Cat When a cat is displaying major behavior problems it usually comes from a lack of things to do. That's right old fashion boredom. Boredom can lead to neurotic chewing, compulsive grooming, over eating, and in some cases aggression.

If you take a short amount of playtime with your cat, it will improve your cats mental health and physical well-being. This could all happen in as little as 15 minutes. Not only does it help your cats health but can also create a stronger bond between you and your beloved family pet.

Here are some fun ideas to add a bit of excitement to your cat's every day routine.

PAPER BAG (without handles)

Cats love to hide out so something as simple as a paper bag can be a new toy. Take out a paper bag and watch them enjoy. If you want to make it extra fun cut some holes into it and put their favorite toy inside. That'll sure keep them busy!


Cats enjoy a good hunting game so get one of their toys and place it right in between the cushions of your couch or even simply under a pillow. Then once your cat finds it and takes it out. Find another hiding place. The fun will just keep on going.


If you don't already have a dangling cat toy you can make one. Get a string. Tie one end to the tip of a chopstick and the other to one of their toys or even a feather if you have one. Then let them chase or "hunt" it.

Cats love this game!


When giving your cat a toilet paper role make sure there is no paper on it. Just the simple roll will do.. If you want to make it twice as fun you could wedge a ball on one end and tape it there giving the roll a wobble that will drive your cat crazy.


This game is a bit messy but takes little time from you and worth it just to watch your cat take out every tissue one by one.


(When playing laser light make sure the laser never shines in their eyes!!! If that worries you a flash light can be substituted for the laser.).

Move the light across the floor and along the walls. This chase game is great fun for your cat and is also a good exercise for them as well.


This is an old fashion and self explanatory game. You throw the ball. It bounces. This is a simple way to get rid of unwanted cat behavior and it's big fun for kitty!


Yes your cat can even be entertained with a sock. Stuff it with cotton balls and catnip. Your cat will have a blast!


Slide an ice cube back and forth across your kitchen floor. You now have a game of feline ice hockey that he is guaranteed to win!


Simply place a few ping pong balls in an empty tub.

These are games your cat and you can enjoy together. Two or three play sessions a day, preferably at times when he tends to be most active will keep him happy and fit.

Have fun!



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