Sunday, April 29, 2012

What do Ben Wa Balls do and do they work? - Shopping

What do ben wa balls do and do they work is a question many ask as a couple of gold balls appear too simple to accomplish much. First many want to know what ben wa balls do and then getting past that then inquire do they work?

Ben wa balls really do work and their simplicity is part of their secret as there are no smoke and mirrors. The balls which often come in gold or perhaps silver are weighted to that they are heavier than a marble or some other similarly sized object. The object is to strengthen a woman's pelvic floor muscles as many, many women do not exercise this area of their bodies and the result is weak to very weak muscles and that leads to a number of problems as a result. She inserts the ben wa balls into her vagina and the object is to prevent the balls from falling out of her vagina. Simple, right? Easy to do, often not at first but with repeated exercises she can strengthen her kegel muscles or pelvic floor muscles to the point where she can hold the balls in her vagina indefinitely, if she wanted. Further and much more importantly she can untimately hold that penis in her vagina firmly and that will obviously improve her enjoyment of vaginal penis insertions and her mate will e njoy that tight feeling as well.

Many women complain that as they age they have problems with failing to be able to cut off the stream of urine when they pee which can be an embarrassing situation as well as the loose feeling when engaging in intercourse and thus the reason for ben wa balls. The balls are weighted so as to encourage them to fall as opposed to lighter balls that would simply remain in her vagina with no real value to them. She is asked to squeeze her muscles in her vaginal area as though she was stopping her urine stream as that is the same muscle or the pelvic floor muscle. The act of engaging and releasing the muscle will strengthem the muscle so that in time with regular exercise it will, like any other muscle, get stronger and stronger. If you are not sure what muscle you need to work on start urinating and then stop urinating. This is the muscle you need to work on.

Starting slowly at first you should progress to more contractions and releases and it will not take very long to start seeing and feeling a difference. Many women and men experience weak muscles in this area and these exercises will bring about a healthier state of being after a short period of exercising. The good news you can exercise anywhere at virtually any time to get results. You can be standing up, sitting down or laying down and the more you do the better the situation gets.

So ben wa balls exercise your pelvic floor muscles and they can and do work marvelously as long as you do the exercises. Do you need to use the ben wa balls to do the exercises? No, not really but they do give you a very clear idea of how you are doing as you progress from being unable to hold the balls in your vagina to the point where they are held captive of your muscle control and that is a good feeling all around.

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Cindy Harper said...

Do the ben wa balls still work your pelvic muscles if you have them in, but are just sitting and not exercising at all?

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