Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Make Paintballs - Sports - Other Sports

There are quite a few different opinions that are out there when it comes to how to make paintballs yourself at home. You might also get a few questioning glances about why you even want to bother taking all of that time to make your own paintballs. You need to remember to make your paintballs small enough to fit into the barrel of any of the paintball guns out there. Make no mistake about it you are going to be much better served by making reusable paintballs out of modeling clay (because it is durable) that you can use over and over again (for a while at least). Some would say that making your own reusable paintballs is more economical; while others say that the single use paintballs that are commercially available are the best. If you are making your own paintballs according to the popular how to make paintballs guides and articles many will advise you that Crayola's Model Magic Modeling Clay is the best thing to use to make a reusable paintball that is durable and work able; while other guides will advise you to create a shell out of silicone tubing or another easy to work material (like the gelatin based material that commercial paintballs are made from) that you would fill with paint that is both water-soluble and friendly and messy colorful enough to really make their presence known, seen and felt when you get hit by them. Firing any of these types of paintballs out of the popular paintball guns is easy to do.The paintball that you make yourself is not going to be as perfect as those that you can buy that are commercially made; yet that is the beauty of it as well. If you already have some type of mold made to shape the shells of your paintballs you are halfway there. You need to remember to make the paintballs the right size to fit into the barrel of the paintball gun that you are likely to be using. You also need to remember that there are different sizes and calibers of paintball guns just like there are in regular guns that shoot bu llets. It has been said (and easily proven by doing a search) that there are so many different how to make paintballs articles that you could refer to so that you have a better idea about how to go about making your own paintballs.Making your own paintball mold is pretty easy (or so some of the available how to make paintballs articles and guides state) and does not take that much time or cost that much. Those of you that have paintball guns and want to get involved with all of the excitement of the various paintball tournaments and get into some pretty wicked paintball fights with your friends need to remember that paintball come in as many sizes as the guns themselves do; and are measured in calibers (just as bullets are). Too large a paintball will not fit in your gun; and too small will not go anywhere.

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