Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Paintball is a fast paced and exciting game which has become popular around the globe. A variety of paintball tournaments are held in which the worlds best paintball teams participate to win and enjoy the game. Whether you want to become a paintballer for recreation or professionally, you will need some paintball supplies. This article discusses some basic paintball supplies that you require to play this wonderful game:Paintball Gun or Marker: A paintball gun or marker is one of the most essential paintball supplies. The market is flooded with markers, and you can choose one from any top brand like Tippman paintball guns, Bob Long, or Dangerous Power. You can choose from any of the three types, i.e. pump action, semi-automatic, or full-automatic.Paintballs: Paintballs are used in the marker to shoot the opponent while playing the game. The paintballs are generally made by using gelatin sheets; they are filled with non-toxic and water soluble paint and are biodegradable. Wh ile buying paintballs, remember to buy them according to the caliber of your gun for more accuracy, it is a good idea to buy fresh paintballs instead of reusing the used ones.Paintball Air Systems: Along with the paintballs, you will be buying paintball air systems frequently while purchasing paintball supplies. The paintball guns use compressed gases to fire the paintballs at high speeds. You can buy compressed air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen cartridges or tanks for your marker. Nitrogen is comparatively expensive to other paintball air systems.Protective Gear: Wearing proper protective gear is essential to enjoy the game of paintball safely. You can wear a mask to protect your face and head from paintball shots. Apart from that, you will need a neck guard to protect your larynx from stray paintball shots. A chest protector helps to protect your chest from paintballs and also cushions your falls. Also, wear knee and elbow guards as these areas are particularly susceptible to scrapes and bruises while falling, skidding, or crawling during the game. It is also advisable to wear fingerless gloves as your hands are visible while firing even if you are undercover.Squeegee: It is not uncommon during a paintball game that paintballs break in the barrel of the marker. A squeegee is a plastic rod with movable disc on the end and is used to clean the barrel and for removing the debris of broken paintballs from the marker. By removing the broken paintballs, you will get a better accuracy and will also reduce the chances of having a jammed marker.You can buy the best quality paintball supplies at competitive prices at / We have gun packages, air systems, airsoft guns, bunkers, clothing, paintballs, sights and many more paintball supplies.

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